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The Agricultural Technical College is one of the formations of the Northern Technical University.

It was established in 2011 in Mosul with three departments, namely the Department of Plant Production Techniques, the Department of Animal Production Techniques and the Department of Combating Desertification Techniques, with the aim of preparing advanced staff at the level of a technical bachelor’s degree in which students receive theoretical and practical aspects in the field of agriculture and the graduate is given the title of (technical agricultural engineer) and be a member of the Engineers Association Agronomists and bears their identity.

college vision

Preparing qualified technical staff in various disciplines, including techniques for improving and multiplying field and horticultural crops and protecting plants from pests, as well as preparing an efficient cadre in managing sheep, cows and fish fields and artificial insemination centers. water
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Scientific departments

The College of Agricultural Technology includes three scientific departments
  • Department of Plant Production Techniques
    Department of Animal Production Technologies
    Department of desertification control techniques
Department of Plant Production Techniques

It was established in 2011 with the establishment of the college, and it aims to prepare and prepare qualified technical cadres in the specialization of plant biotechnologies in the fields of plant improvement and propagation, production of field and horticultural crops and plant protection from pests and diseases.

Department of Animal Production Technologies

Founded in 2011, it aims to graduate a cadre capable of working on the basic axes in the science of animal life technologies, working in the fields of animals, poultry, cows and sheep, and working in the fields of fish farming and dairy processing.

Department of desertification control techniques

Founded in 2018, it aims to increase the efficiency of water use by using smart or controlled irrigation techniques by relying on mobile devices, the Internet or other means of communication.

The Million Tree Project

The Agricultural Technical College’s participation in the project of planting a million trees began after the college’s return from the alternative site in Erbil to the original site in Mosul, where the first committee for the project was formed and began work in March 2018, where it removed the rubble, remnants and remnants of the Mosul liberation war. Shade creation suitable for growing and producing seedlings.

The project aims to create a sustainable environment within the city

Under the guidance of the Dean of the College, Dr. Abdel Barr Ahmed Nouri, the esteemed, and under the supervision of the …

The Honorable Dean of the College, Dr. Abdel-Bar Ahmed Nouri Al-Farha, signed today a memorandum of understanding with the French Human Generation …

Under the patronage of the Dean of the Agricultural Technical College of Mosul, Dr. Abdul Barr Ahmed Nuri, the respected, and in …

Under the supervision of the Central Committee and the Project Subcommittee, the Presidency of the Northern Technical University and the Dams Authority …

And in the presence of the Dean of the College of Agricultural Technology and his respected assistants. Present in it: –M. Visions …

The Media and Public Relations Division organized a symposium entitled Vaccine, Hope for Salvation from the Coronavirus PandemicAnd in the presence of …

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